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  1. Starkist tuna lawsuit update 2018
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  5. $25 Cash or $50 in tuna from Starkist

Remember the class action suit from back in ? I just got the coupon out of the mailbox for that!

Starkist tuna lawsuit update 2018

I was surprised, and completely forgot about it. I saw others posted on your original link that they received similar. It looked like a postcard — I almost tossed it out as spam mail until I flipped it over. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free!

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Reply 1. Thanks for the helpful suggestion! Junbug October 9, at pm MST.

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Tasha October 16, at pm MST. Submitted my claim immediately but never received a check. Before you do that you may want to carefully review the dates and timelines associated to this settlement. We have no idea. If you share your whole email with us on Facebook we are happy to read it for you and try to see if we can figure out when you are supposed to receive the monies. Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing Katie!!

I filed my claim on Aug. Are these going to be coming soon?

Exclusion Deadline:

Please note that the date you file has nothing to do with the timeline to receive payment. The final approval hearing is scheduled for December 17 Thank you Maria!!! Just my opinion. When will we start getting our vouchers i filed along time ago and have heard nothing anybody know? Because of the size of this settlement it make take many months for the admin to validate the claims and send the vouchers and checks.

Thanks for reply. I just wondered if the Hendricks vs.

StarKist tuna proposed settlement was approved at the final hearing on Dec. This case is moving forward. It is finalized and the admin has days to issue the checks and coupons. Your claim was given to you when you submitted your claim. If you lost it you can call the class action administrator and see if they can track you by name and address.

I filed a claim in August and understood refunds were coming Dec, 17th. Where is my refund?

Objection Deadline:

The final approval hearing was on December The date of a hearing has nothing to do with the timelines for checks and vouchers. I know its past the deadline but when were they suppose to mail out the vouchers i never recieved it yet? I submitted a claim when this was started thats why i am asking. The coupons and checks are not yet in the mail.

Starkist Tuna Lawsuit - Get $50 in FREE Tuna. REALLY

Once we hear more about this case we will post on our Facebook page. Was wondering what the facebook page was so i can monitor about when to expect the vouchers from the lawsuit.

Privacy Policy (Updated: 12/14/18)

Is it true that the company has 5 months to issues the checks and vouchers? Assuming the time period started on the date the settlement was finalized that would be around the middle of May, correct? What is the status of this settlement? I completed the form, but have heard nothing back on this.

StarKist Pays Up - And You Should Have Chosen the Coupons - Coupons in the News

Thank you! Hello, How do I receive my reimbursements? Where do I go or who do I call to find out what I need to do? When will the distributions be sent????? I just checked the website and it is working fine.

$25 Cash or $50 in tuna from Starkist

As soon as I hear more details regarding distribution I will post it on our Facebook page. When should I expect it? My claim number is I just read through the.

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  • StarKist underfilling victims to receive $, not $25 as settlement runs thin - Undercurrent News.

Were we supposed to have recieved a updated email on the acceptance of our claim to advise us if it was approved. I have not recieved any neither have anyone I know.. Kindly advise. As far as we know the vouchers have not been issued. We will update our Facebook page when there is something to report. I would like to know what happened to my free cans of tuna. I eat alot of starkist tuna, and filed a claim. Enough is enough. Starkist please take care of your customers. Actually, it has been settled for at least a few weeks now.

I still have not received anything either. They have millions of claims to fulfill. It will take them a long time to get the fulfillment process rolling. I would like to know.. Chunk White in Water is not included in the class action settlement. Nice move it bought you time.. I did both oil and water and i best your water is top leading on the list over oil..

Anyways good luck and no matter what is at hand.. What happens if you requested a check but then have to move before it gets sent out?? How do you fix that? I read that it should be finalized by mid May of this year but we are going to be moving and gone from this address by April not sure what the new address is yet but once we do know can we request and address change? Two options. Hello, Any idea as to when we will receive payment? I filed by deadline.